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Meet the pastor

Meet the pastor

Don and Joanne came to Calvary Baptist Church in August of 2007.  

Pastor Don's ministry is primarily one of Teaching. He is a "meat and potatoes" Bible teacher able to communicate the Word of God from the pulpit and across the kitchen table. Prior to coming to Longview, Pastor Don was developing a mult-ethnic, multi-lingual church in the Los Angeles area. 

Pastor Don has served on the Board of Directors for several ministries and organizations in the areas of homelessness and poverty alleviation. He also supports pastors and ministry students in Myanmar (formerly Burma) - doing conferences and shipping basic pastoral library books as well as supporting Cornerstone Christian Academy, a Christian school in Tedim, Myanmar. 

Joanne is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and currently works as the regional  H.R. Partner for a restaurant chain covering Southwest Washington and all of Oregon. Prior to moving to Washington, Joanne was with Six Flags Theme Parks in California. 

Together, Pastor Don and Joanne enjoy visiting family and Cruise Ship vacations. They are the parents of twin boys and grandparents to two granddaughters.

We look forward to meeting you this Sunday.

Our vision

Our vision

We Desire to develop a Church that is:


Adhering to sound doctrine and New Testament  organization.


Evidencing the necessary gifts for a healthy body.


Regarding personal discipleship and missional living.


Within the body and in the community.


Missions minded, equipping, and mobilizing.

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What we teach

What We Teach

How We Teach

We hold to a high view of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Therefore we teach by means of "exposing the text" ~ Bible Exposition. What does it say? What does in mean by what it says? How does it apply in my own life and situation?

What Does It Say?

We teach the Verbal-Plenary inspiration of Scripture. The very words (verbal) of the Bible and the whole (plenary) of the Bible is "God-breathed".

What Does It Mean?

We practice Historical-Grammatical interpretation of the Scripture. The Bible is to be interpreted by its words and grammatical structure in the context of it historical setting.

How Does It Apply?

We encourage Personal-Practical application of Scripture. Once we know the proper meaning and interpretation of the Bible we apply it to our own lives and situations.


We are in the Heart of Longview at 1448 11th Avenue and the corner of Maple Street. You will find our style more traditional and our preaching Expositional (explaining the meaning of the text). Much like Nehemiah in the Old Testament rebuilding the city of Jerusalem, we are rebuilding this church and its ministry in Longview, the region, and the world. Come, meet the Pastor and our people and see if this is where God would have you to worship and to serve.

Christian Education Hour   9:30 a.m.

Worship 10:50 a.m.


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